About us

My aim is, and always will be, to promote excellent practical and theory relevent to health and safety of our equine friends. I run a fun and educational yard that is very hands on. The objective of my yard is to remain small and effect, I have worked on many big yards in the past, Tong and Telford EC were two of the biggest, and even though I loved working there I wanted a personnal approach to a good connection between staff, instructors, equines and riders. I am a strong believer in quality not quanity. Our staff will always promote a friendly, informative service to make you feel welcome. My older girls and adults are trained by myself to ensure all information is correct and conforms to my standards.


My organisation and effective running of the yard helps new and old to always maintain and understand what they should be doing. The yard is my pride and joy i like all things to be looked after, grooming kits, tools, fields, horses, hay\bedding area etc.. to ensure this there are designated places and rules for the yard. The main one for everyone to remember is everyone is colour coded, this was something i did before i set up the school and found it was ideal to carry it on, so the colours that highlight the equine descriptions are their particular colour. Therefore you know whos is whos grooming kit, hay net, saddle rack, rugs etc.. this is another unique aspect of my yard that i am very proud of and a little obsessed with!!!

The Cobbles Crew Team


Amy Drew

Phone: +44 7855772170

E-mail: amyldrew@hotmail.co.uk

Ellen Richards


Cy Pearson



Tori Pugh


Elizabeth Smith

My Head Yard Girls and Boys (including our adults)

Ellen R, Tori, Jayde, Jordan, Katie, Ellie, Abi, Izzy, Chloe D, Elizabeth, Wizz, Cy, Kaz, Ellen, Kiri, Grace, Leah, Deryn, Jazmine, Beth, Nancy, Amy N, Amie S, Brodie and my little man Benjamin.


All the above are my core riders and leaders to date, they are my mini me's!!!