The Cobbles Club Structure and Purpose

The club is another unique part of the yards set up. I want to provide those in my riding school the chance to full loan or part loan a horse or pony, without the responsibility of all the costs and twice a day visits to the yard enabling them to still achieve and concentrate on their other important things ie:school/collage/job.


The club member’s are the core part of the team, helping not only with the management of yard and horses but helping with the riding school lessons and holiday activities. They are expected to care for their individual equine over seeing tacking up, putting the equipment away, mucking out on weekends, cleaning their tack, tidying up rugs and all the other generally everyday things of owning a horse.


The loanee picked is based upon how i think they will work with in the existing group and depending on what is available, what equine is suitable.

It has to be noted that sometimes I do have to move the club around obviously if someone is growing and needs to move up to the next size mount. But this is only done when necessary. And the beauty of it is that the small ponies never have to be sold and have a home for life, unlike a private buy, and you don’t have the stress' and heartache in selling them!   


The club is focused around riding more in open order, small groups and working on everything and anything they want, after all it is there pony. I am there to supervise, help and correct, they get excellent value from their loan in terms of learning and improving their riding skills. Included in the contract is once a month they can ride a different horse of their choice, designed to challenge them still in learning how to ride different ones. Something I found was very important but very hard to do once you have brought your own simply due to the cost of everything, so I just trained, broke and rode my friends horses when I first had Chelsea.


The members are all encouraged to complete ALL pony club badges and tests, to maintain a high standard throughout the yard, so I know that my 'mini-me's' are all teaching the riding school clients properly with a sound feel of good management, horsemanship skills on and off horse and technical knowledge.


A point system is in place to encourage commitment, focus and drive. There is always a prize for the most dedicated club member at the Christmas party, thus encouraging a little healthy interclub competition. The ways in which they can gain these points are completing badges, keeping tack and grooming kits clean and tidy everyday, helping others and passing on good solid information, completing monthly club tasks (which can be anything i chose to set them), doing something fantastic under saddle or even doing something well the first time like cantering or jumping a big fence, and many more!!!!


Mainly the club is providing stable and long lasting friendships for and between horses/members. We do every year a Christmas party and presentation evening for the Riding School and Club member and also a Christmas meal just for the club riders and family, this year we are booking a venue for 60 and that’s just the club!!!! We have horsey and non-horsey events through-out the year, keeping things fun, interesting and a team building spirit. Each meeting we have is not only to discuss our timetable and yard but also to get together has friends and have a good time too.



At the moment the club loaning is full, please see me for details if interested and i can put you on the list. None of the other details such as cost and contract information is given out unless you are able to do join.