How the hour is delegated

The client must arrive just before the lesson so that they can sign in and get organised. They are expected to start as a beginner learning to brush and start to tack by the time they are in silver group they should be capable of getting their pony ready. This is a unique structure that I have set up to ensure the client learns everything that is necessary to own your own horse.


The work and the learning they do at Cobbles goes towards achieving their pony club progressive awards and badges, at no extra cost either. It is all covered with in the hour and the higher you go then the more information and knowledge you are expected to learn. Thats the beauty about being a small productive yard we can monitor and tutor the indivdual specificaly.


Once the horse is ready to mount, they then do approximatly half an hour to fourty minites riding (for a beginner group), or fourty five to fifty minites for the silver/gold groups, each week is alternated arround my different themes to make sure they develope their riding skills and techniques.


The end of the lesson is focused of the untacking or the securing of the horse safely, ready for the next lesson, what they do depends on if the horse is been used again. So they get told this as a beginner but a higher level client is expected to have looked at the board to know what to do.


How the lessons are graded.


Beginner Rider

Learning how to brush and put the saddle on in correct place and girth up

Learning the basic control of the horse at walk n trot with a leader on leadrope, taken off for walk then trot once control and understanding is developed. Doing mounted excerises and games. Going over poles at walk and rising trot, only in trot once rhythym in rise is established. Hacking out is on a leadrope at the start.


Bronze Rider

They should be able to get the horse ready and fastern the bridle up correctly, but not put it on till they are confident they know the process from lots of watching their helpers.they should be able to untack the horse now, removal of saddle and bridle correctly. They should be establishing the balance and rhythym in rising trot and off leadrope at walk, but may need some assistence still at trot. They are able to go over poles in walk, trot and starting to learn jump seat. Untacking both bridle and saddle supervised. They can turn out if horse isnt been used but their helper/leader is with them. Hacking out now they can be lightly on rope or starting to ride safely and in control off the leadrope.


Silver Rider

They now should be able to brush and tack up effiently but can be supervised. They are now established on their own at walk, trot and starting to learn their canter seat. They should have a secure jump seat at trot and maybe canter. They should be able to maintain half seat over a set of poles and scattered course. The jump height is now over 1'9 and thinking about course riding and grid work.

They should be able to untack and prepare the horse to go out and turn out with supervision at the field gates. Hacking is off leadrope completly and may just have someone by them to control traffic etc...



Gold Rider

The gold rider is an accomplished rider and horse person that can work through all paces on their own effectively and with thought. They should be jumping at trot and canter with a secure, effective position and know what to do when faced with a run out/refusal or incorrect approach. Over a 2'-2'3" single fence, double, a course of 8-10 and a grid. They are independant out on a hack which enables me to ride and take them out knowing, they are in control and can use their riding and road safety signals. They are also now ready to develope their lateral work because they should know how to use their aids correctly and effectivly. This includes the basics of leg-yielding, turn on the forehand, rein back, demi piroett and shoulder in.

They are expected to know the

Scale of Training at this level.