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Lady of the manor! Chelsea was my first horse and even though she is now retired she still likes to take part in ground work and stable management exercises. She is now a good friend to ellie and they look after each other in the field when they go out together. She was always a happy hacker and wouldnt thank you at all making her go round a menage trying to look pretty!!! Mind you if there was food involved then maybe she would be persuaded to do a little!

  • Height : 14hh
  • Born : 1992
  • Breed: bright bay mare



Good all rounder and a super gentle giant. Used for all lessons Beginner, RDA and advance lessons but his expertise lye in Dressage.  I brought Ben as a 2yr old whilst i was at uni, he and chelsea were friends from the start. I broke him a being more trainable than chels i started showing him and teaching him to jump, but the jumping wasnt his favourite though he clears any fence he jumps. The dressage with him was fantastic and we trained and competed to novice affliated. He is very flexible for a welsh and can perform leg yield, shoulder-in, travers and half past at walk, trot and canter. I retired him from this type of work a few years ago to enable him to help train others, and i had to be realistic about competing him against the finer types at a higher level. Jessca has now relieve benson of this duty!

  • Height: 14.2hh
  • Born: 2000
  • Breed: Bay Gelding



Cheeky young chap, a superb horse that loves his schooling, only used for silver\gold riders charlie is capable of performing most lateral exercises and likes to pop a few fences too. He is quite a forward fellow and very comfortable. He will take lead and follow on a hack not really bothered as long as he gets out!

  • Hight: 15.2hh
  • Born: 2007
  • Breed: welsh cob x clysdale Gelding



Superb all-rounder caters for everyone, and definatly a favourite at Cobbles. Loves jumping and fast is his middle name. Ted was quite a difficult pony when I had him, we ironed out all the creases which as lead him on to be a safe, happy pony who loves his work, though on a hack he likes it at the back so he can have a bit of chill time. Ted as competed and done fun rides out with Benson.


  • Hight: 13.1hh
  • Born: 2000
  • Breed: Welsh Section C black Gelding



 A very sweet intelligent mare, eager to please, easy to get going and likes a light contact. Honey was a pacer so when we had her as a 8yr old we had to retrain the trot and establish the canter too, she now goes very well through the paces and she finds the fences no problem at all.


  • Height: 13.2hh
  • Born: 2005
  • Breed: Welsh section C x



Loves only to walk and trot, likes to take kids over small jumps. Used for a variety of children rider. Although a little thought is always taken with Ellie, as she is blind in her right eye. Ellie is very special to me because i brought her as a ten yr old unbroke, she had been neglected by previous owners and due to an accident with her eye the result was she lost the sight in it. I took her on and used a lot of naturalhorsemanship to give her some confidence back and broke her in. She loves her job and even though shes touching her twenties now she will never leave cobbles.

  • Height: 12.1hh
  • Born: 1995
  • Breed: Welsh Section B pony Mare, Bright Bay

Tiny Tim

Cheekiest chappy of the bunch. A great favourite with any young aspiring rider. From leg yelding to demi-priotte, Jumping and catering, he can do it all. Our very own mini Lipizzaner!! I broke Timmy as a 3yr old after i had brought him off a farmer in wales when he was 18 months old, he had already sired two foals off two 14hh mares!!! Bless him, we had him done before he came home but he still insists he is the main man! 


  • Height: 11.2hh
  • Born: 2006
  • Breed: Welsh Section A Dapple grey Gelding



Timmy's No1 fan and a little less cheeky. Easy going with children and loves to be out and about seeing the sights too. She is a super teacher for the kids and can take them through the paces and over little fences ready for them to move on has they grow bigger.


  • Height: 11.2hh
  • Born: 2006
  • Breed: Welsh Section A Dapple Grey Mare



A true gentelman, he looks after the little ones and makes the older ones work for there ride. He will teach you to be respectable to your mount and use your aids correctly! Toby is a super reflection of a pure section D, thats why his previous job, before he became a riding pony at 6yrs, was a stallion. And because of his super nature he was well sort after, though now he as a more work like nature, and loves his flat work, he is on par with benson in terms of correct way of going and intelligence.  


Height: 14.1hh

Born: 2000

Breed: Welsh section D

Dee Dee and Lottie

                               I had Dee in the winter of 2013/14 she was in a bad state and I had her because I knew she had some problems, I certainly wasnt expecting her main problem to be in foal!! I had started to feed her up, worm her and give her some long over due TLC,  and this obviuosly helped her to hold on to her foal and in the july of last year Lottie was born. We named her this because her life was such a gamble, you would never have thought she could have survived. Dee will be broke to use for the tiny tots nxt yr and Lot will follow suit when shes old enough.


Height: very small!!

Born: Dee Dee-2011


Breed: miniture shetlands

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